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Our Network

Our network represents a diverse collaboration with numerous institutions and projects, each bringing unique expertise and perspectives to support and enhance our goals.

Saxum International Foundation

SIF promotes worldwide personal encounters with God through the study of Jesus' Home Land. The Foundation promotes the "Saxum Visitor Center" in Israel to foster dialogue and historical appreciation of Holy Land sites.

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St. Josemaria Institute


The St. Josemaria Institute, founded in 2006, promotes the life and teachings of St. Josemaria Escriva, Founder of Opus Dei. He developed a spirituality to form personal friendships with God through their everyday lives in the midst of the world.

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Holy Land Dialogues 2024

Holy Land Dialogues is a journey to the roots of our civilization, an encounter with the world, an opportunity for interaction and dialogue, and a chance to share faith. If you are looking for a different way to travel to the Holy Land, we invite you to be part of this unique experience.

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Omnes Magazine


Omnes is a multi-platform media outlet covering Church matters. It provides analysis and reflection on topics concerning Catholics today: increasingly complex and universal issues affecting all aspects of our Christian, social, and civic life.


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