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Old City Jerusalem

Connect to the Holy Land
With Hope for Peace

Sponsor a Cornerstone Pilgrim

Empower a Life-Changing Journey:

Sponsor a Pilgrim's Path to Growth and Connection.

The Cornerstone Project is designed to offer young professionals an enriching experience in the Holy Land that combines traditional pilgrimage with cultural visits, networking events, and professional growth workshops. Your sponsorship will enable a deserving individual to embark on this life-changing journey and create lasting connections.

By sponsoring a pilgrim, you're investing in their personal, professional, and spiritual growth, broadening their perspectives, and nurturing their potential to positively impact their community. Your generosity will create a ripple effect that extends far beyond the sponsored individual.

A sponsorship of $5,000 covers the full cost of the pilgrimage for one participant ($2,700), a flight ticket ($1,000), and a contribution to the fund for future pilgrims ($1,300).

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Sponsor a Cornerstone Pilgrim

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CRETIO Foundation’s primary purpose is to connect young adults and professionals throughout the world with each other and the Holy Land. 


CRETIO Foundation is a not for profit organization based in the USA, with representatives, members and collaborators located around the world. 

CRETIO cultivates the Christian message of work, love and peace. Our programs enhance the unity of professional, personal, and spiritual life.


CRETIO  encourages young adults and others to recognize the importance of their Holy Land cultural and spiritual inheritance along with its associated responsibilities, as early as possible in their pilgrimage of life.


CRETIO fosters a future of hope!

Join us in this

fantastic adventure !

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