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Partners: Omnes 

Omnes is a multi-platform communication medium focusing on the Church. They provide an analytical and reflective window into topics that presently occupy the hearts and minds of Catholics: topics that are increasingly intricate and universal, affecting all aspects of our Christian, social, and civic lives. Alongside reporting on events, they emphasize providing contextual information.

Omnes underscores catholicity. The diversity of channels (print, digital, video, forums, newsletters, etc.) allows them to swiftly and effectively reach all those interested in the life of the Church in other countries, regardless of their age or information consumption habits.

They are now launching OMNES in the USA, intending to offer our communication services to Spanish-speaking communities. We are confident this effort will culminate in the creation of the OMNES Community centered around our platform,, as is the case in numerous countries.

At the core of Omnes is a community. This platform welcomes everyone: editorial teams, readers, subscribers, contributors, patrons... They value and appreciate your presence and involvement.

CRETIO Foundation collaborates with Omnes and encourages all of our networks to check it out and discover the world through that window!

You can also check the columns written at Omnes by our Executive Director, Joseángel Domínguez, following this link.

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Omnes Joseangel
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