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"To go on pilgrimage really means to step out of ourselves in order to encounter God where he has revealed himself".

Pope Benedict XVI, 2010.

In the Year of St. Joseph

With a Father's Heart: that is how Joseph loved Jesus, whom all four Gospels refer to as “the son of Joseph”.

Pope Francis

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Human Skills: Life is a Pilgrimage

The “Human Skills” Program is a three workshop series to enhance your Human Skills. The methodology follows an Active Learning approach, where participants and facilitators co-create together. These workshops are not a series of talks. This program is not a set of lessons.


Because Life is a Pilgrimage, and human skills are an essential part of the Pilgrims’ skill set. At CRETIO, we believe in Unity of Live as a critical aspect of development. Besides Spiritual Development and Professional network activities, CRETIO organizes Personal Development sessions and programs.

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Connect to the Holy Land

CRETIO Foundation’s primary purpose is to connect young adults and professionals throughout the world with each other and the Holy Land. 


CRETIO Foundation is a not for profit organization based in the USA, with representatives, members and collaborators located around the world. 

CRETIO cultivates the Christian message of work, love and peace. Our programs enhance the unity of professional, personal, and spiritual life.


CRETIO  encourages young adults and others to recognize the importance of their Holy Land cultural and spiritual inheritance along with its associated responsibilities, as early as possible in their pilgrimage of life.


CRETIO fosters a future of hope!



Connect with the Holy Land

CRETIO promotes activities that engage young professionals and others with each other to experience the Holy Land from not only a historical perspective, but also in its present state.  CRETIO’S hallmark is the interaction of “LIVE from the Holy Land” participation its activities.  


  1. Learning Encounters.  Academic courses, both curricular and non curricular;  seminars; and conferences. These learning encounters are general sessions or customized according to the nature of the specific group being served.  

  2. Resources: The CRETIO platform offers many different resources that accompany our activities.  We are creating videos, audios, podcasts, links, apps, workbooks and online tools to better assist young professionals and others deepen their understanding of why the Holy Land is important for them.

  3. Events:  CRETIO Events  include online and in-person networking events:   professional seminars,  cultural events, Holy Land in-person excursions and virtual visits, scholar presentations, expert lectures, and mentorship mixers.  

  4. The Nexus: An interactive and dynamic network of support and social impact initiatives linked with the Holy Land and young professionals.


Enlightening Meetings



Work In Progress

Events, trips & Networking

The Nexus &

YPS Network


Young people of the Holy Land, Young people of the world: answer the Lord with a heart that is willing and open! 

St. John Paul II, Mount of Beatitudes, 2000.

Desert Highway


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