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"The Cornerstone Project"

A Journey to the Holy Land for Young Professionals

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"Becoming Peter

A talk about Simon Peter, Pope Francis and Christianity

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Linked to the Holy Land

Coming Soon!

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Human Skills Program

Date: January 2022 (Specific Dates tbd)


         Group America: 5 PM (Los Ángeles)/ 8 PM (New York)

         Group Europe: 7 PM (París)/ 8 PM (Tel Aviv)

Price: Free

Type: Live workshops, active learning. Online Via ZOOM.

What: This is a 3 Workshops Program to enhance your Human Skills. This is an Active Learning project, where participants and facilitators co-create together. This is not a talk. This is not a lesson.

Why: Because Live is a Pilgrimage, and human skills are an essential part of the Pilgrims skill set. 

At CRETIO we believe in Unity of Live as a key aspect of development. For this reason, besides the Spiritual Development and the Professional network activities, we organize Personal Development sessions, such as this.

Is this for me? This program is designed for Young Professionals. It’s only offered to members of the YPS Network. It requires a growing mindset and a little bit of energy :) But is free. 

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Pilgrimage / Romeria For the Holy Land

Date: May 30th, Sunday.

Time: 13h (NYC) / 19h (Madrid)

Price: Free

Type: Live on YouTube. For YPS Network: Online Via ZOOM.

Tune in for a multilingual Rosary to ask for peace in the Holy Land. Our virtual Pilgrimage is an initiative lead by young professional friends who met in the Holy Land.


"What's Up With the World Today?"

Date: March 26th, Friday.

Time: 12h (NYC) / 17h (Rome)

Price: Free

Type: Live, Online Via ZOOM.

The "Come & See" is back for a Series IV! This year's topic is "What's up with the World Today?"  A series of conversations among Young Professionals with unique guests and speakers. We have a special guest for this coming session: Seàn-Patrick Lovett, in collaboration with Rome Reports.

Sean-Patrick Lovett, an expert journalist, has traveled the world with 5 Popes and 3 Saints.  He has particularly keen expertise in the Middle East. We will talk about the recent trip of Pope Francis to Irak, and much more.

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​​OPTION 1: Join the YPS Network for free and get the link on your phone or email. By Joining the YPS Network you will get information about the events and special content and links from our guests.

OPTION 2: RSVP just for this event on the link.


Any problems connecting to the event?

You can contact us and we will do our best to have you joining us:


WhatsApp: +34673703276

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